Democrats are wrong, but Republicans are stupid


On Nov. 8, I cast my vote for Donald J. Trump because I knew what the alternative was.

I knew he wasn’t a conservative, I knew he didn’t really have any set philosophies.

What I thought I knew was that he would give the supposed conservatives in congress the seat in the Oval Office they needed to move forward with conservative policy regardless of the opposition.

But just over 100 days since the inauguration of the Republican president, the Republicans are acting as weak as they were when they were the minority party in every chamber.

The Republicans worked with the Democrats to pass a spending bill through September to avoid a government shutdown.

This bill doesn’t include funding for border security. It doesn’t include defunding of the abortion machine. It includes continued funding of Obamacare. We’re still funding a way for Iran to develop nukes.

What did conservatives get out of this bill that is considered a “big win” by Paul Ryan? Military spending increases without increasing domestic spending… that’s all.

I’m old enough to remember when Obama was in office and the Republicans didn’t want to fund his spending bill, the government shut down. The president, the Democrats in congress and the news media all blamed the shutdown on the Republicans.

Remember the headlines? Republicans were responsible for the shutdown and they were the bad guys. So what did they do? They caved and gave Obama everything he wanted in his budgets.

Fast forward to 2017, The Republicans control every branch of government and they are looking to pass a budget.

So, they should propose a spending bill, let the Democrats argue about it, hold out and shut down the government and then they get the blame. Seems easy enough, right?

Well, yeah, it should be easy enough, but never underestimate the ass-hattery of the Republican congress.

If the Republican Party doesn’t learn to grow a backbone and play the dirty, steamrolling political game the Democrats continuously play, the party will end.

The Democrats are wrong about policy. Government isn’t the answer. Social programs fail. Socialism is a bad thing.

But the one thing the Democrats do well is unapologetically push their agenda. The Democrats have a unified goal to make our entire country dependent on government, change the culture away from American values and work toward a world government of authoritarian control.

If Republicans continue to sit back and play soft, if they continue to let the Democrats control the government even in the minority because they’re afraid of what the mean media will day about them, they will lose every election for decades to come and they will lose hope any of us have of saving this country from the democrat world dictatorship on the way.

Bottoms up.



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