To the women we’ll be without tomorrow

The Women’s March on Washington in January seems to have started a trend.

Just last month, we saw “A Day Without Immigrants.” On this day, immigrants across the country failed to show up to work, school or any other responsibilities in an effort to protest…something.

Thankfully, most of them were fired or suspended from their jobs, because when you have a job, you’re expected to show up.

Tomorrow, there will be a day without women. Apparently, the reasoning seems to be that women are important and the world will fall apart without them.

Aside from the ridiculous inferences an event like this creates, that evil, misogynist men want women eviscerated from the earth, these protests are proving why this modern feminist/social justice warrior agenda is wrong.

Feminists love to talk about things like “intersectionality.” The course I took last semester, Mass Media Diversity, was all about feminism and intersectionality.

The theory is that each person belongs to an identity. There are minorities, which are oppressed, and majorities, which are dominant. Basically, the more minority groups you belong to, the more you’re being oppressed by society, thus you have privileges that the rest of us don’t get. Of course… because we already have privilege.

For instance, if you are a white, heterosexual, cisgender male (like myself) named George, you are the ultimate evil. You benefit from every single institution in this country and you have so much privilege your privilege has privilege.

On the other hand, the biracial, pansexual, non-binary lower-class homo sapien named Ade is the ultimate victim. This person belongs to every minority group there is, thus they deserve special privileges and rights the rest of us don’t because we oppress them.

Think about the bathroom laws. Because transgender people suffer from mental illnesses, the rest of us must change the biological definition of sex that has been recognized since the beginning of humanity and if little girls are upset about seeing a naked man in a locker room, it’s because their father is an intolerant bigot (yes, a journalist actually said this.) They get special privilege because they are in a victim class.

What does this have to do with the Day Without Women? This day proves that in the name of equality, minority groups (even thought women are  a majority, figure that one out for me) are given special privileges to make themselves equal to we, the oppressors.

The problem is, these special privileges actually put the rest of us at a disadvantage.

By organizing this day, women are saying to society, “We can skip work, school and whatever else we’re responsible for for an entire day without receiving any repercussion because we are women and we aren’t treated equally.”

Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t equality mean “treated equally?” So, wouldn’t that mean that all the dominate white men should be able to do the same thing witht he same expectations?

Of course not, because social justice isn’t about equality.

This specific issue isn’t just about a march. The problem becomes when this is widely acceptable and translates into mass action or policy. Institutional racism does exist… against white people.

The only law in the United States that is racist and sexist is Affirmative Action. Barack Obama’s daughters have a better chance of getting into a college than I do because of their race and sex. That’s supposed to be equality? Nobody is more privileged in this nation than the children of the President of the United States, are they?

So to the women that won’t be with us tomorrow, good. I’m glad you’re disappearing for a day, because it will help me clearly see which women truly do believe in equality, and which women think they deserve special privileges because of their sex. Seems to be to be a little sexist, no?

Bottoms up.



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