The “Muslim Ban”: The left hates religion…until it benefits their fight

It is not uncommon to hear leftists scold Christians about the separation of church and state (which doesn’t actually exist in the Constitution).

Every time a conservative tries to argue against abortion, gay marriage -even if the arguments they make isn’t based in a religious context- or any other social issue, the leftists come out swinging with the supreme moral ground that derives from this rule.

To them, religion should never entangle itself with politics. The Ten Commandments can’t be displayed on government territory, churches can’t refuse to perform ceremonies and it’s childish to believe in a fantasy like a magic man in the sky who created us all.

But am I the only one who’s noticed the phenomenon that occurs when Muslims are the center of the conversation? Or when the left is trying to push some sort of welfare policy in the name of compassion?

Suddenly, religion is something that needs to be defended. Most Muslims are friendly neighbors. The koran doesn’t really mean the things it says. Muhammed shouldn’t be mocked because it’s offensive to do so. Jesus gave to the poor, so the government should too.

Just this week, President Trump signed an executive order that puts a temporary halt on people from certain, volatile nations from coming into the U.S.

This move was not unprecedented, it doesn’t require any sort of religious test and it doesn’t even target people on anything specifically other than by which nation they are coming from.

Simply put, the executive order is a way to hold off allowing people to come here without knowing who they are. The list of nations included was originally created by the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security can make exceptions at any time. The top 5 most populated Islamic countries aren’t included in the ban, and those with valid green cards and visas can come and go freely, although that was an amendment.

This shouldn’t be a big deal.

It took less than an hour for the leftists to come out in full force, protesting in the streets and everywhere else they could to call this an “un-American, Muslim ban.”

Actors, singers, politicians and “journalists” have been criticizing the “fascist” law and President Trump for being Hitler’s second coming.

Their reasoning?

They feel emotional.

Don’t get me wrong, it is devastating to watch what kind of mess Syria and other nations are in. If your soul doesn’t ache for the true refugees that are looking for a better life, you need to rethink yourself.

But the problem is, the perception doesn’t match the reality.

Most of the refugees coming from areas in Syria aren’t women and children trying to get to safety. They are grown men who left their women and children behind because they are cowards. Every country that has accepted these “refugees” in large numbers has experienced problems, and even attacks int he worst cases.

It is not hard to grasp the concept of why an open refugee system from a broken part of the world is not a good idea. Both of the Boston bombers from 2013 were here as refugees. They both had legal work visas. They killed 3 Americans, took limbs from 16 and permanently injured hundreds of others.

Is that worth it to you? Is it worth all those American lives to allow mostly grown men capable of fighting to infiltrate our borders completely undocumented?

It probably is, because with leftism, there is a subconscious hate for American lives. Leftism believes, deep down, that America is the great terror in the world. That we stole that land from the Natives and murdered them all. We captured Africans and enslaved them. We impose our will on the world and it is the great, privileged white man’s fault that other countries are war zones. We deserve the punishment for our superiority.

For leftists, what are a few American lives when we could let all these other people, with a completely different culture, come in and live freely? Those greedy, privileged Americans deserve to die anyway, right?

If you believe in separation of church and state when people argue abortion, don’t you dare tell me that Jesus wouldn’t be allowed in the U.S. today because of the ban.

If you cry about the Ten Commandments hanging in your local courthouse, and then tell me that the U.S. is supposed to be a compassionate nation, welcoming anybody who wants to come because that’s the Christian thing to do, you have no legitimacy.

Christians are the most persecuted religious group across the globe by a long shot. At the same time, Christians are the least likely to create a problem. There are no protests. There are no people carrying crosses through the streets and wearing crucifixes in solidarity.

Why? Because Christianity isn’t the minority. The left only cares about minorities so they can claim to have moral superiority. It’s all about feelings on the left. As long as they can “feel good,” everything is fine.

That’s precisely why they have such a problem with this ban. It’s a very practical law that makes sense, but it “feels” better to think they’re standing up for somebody lesser.

If you are against the travel ban, or the wall or any other policy designed to keep the wrong people out and Americans safer, I hope you aren’t hypocritical enough to have a fence around your house.

Don’t tell me a wall is immoral if you have a gated neighborhood or a front door that you lock or leave shut.

Don’t tell me we should welcome anybody who wants to come in if you don’t have homeless Americans sleeping on your couches and beds every night.

Don’t you tell me I should be sensitive to Islam and the Muslims in the U.S. that are fearful when you also tell me Christians have nothing to fear and they’re radical bigots.

If you don’t want religion to be part of the governing principles in this nation, fine. But don’t try and exploit them when it’s convenient for your side.

Of course we should be compassionate and allow other the opportunity to live freely in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. But it has to be done with some practicality and with the lives of Americas as top priority.

If American lives aren’t your top priority, stop calling us un-American.

Bottoms up.




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