President Trump has been lying, and it’s not OK

Lies are bad no matter who is telling them.

The worst thing about the Obama administration, and virtually every administration dating back decades, was that they lied.

President Tump has been doing some awesome things. He is making good on some campaign promises in less time than an Obama vacation in Fiji.

But over the past week, he and some of his staff, have been flat out lying.

It’s not OK just because they’re on our side and I need fellow Republicans to stop pretending that it is.

By now, everybody knows about these, “alternative facts.” Kellyanne Conway was stuck in a corner trying to defend  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s disastrous first meeting with the press.

In her interview with Chuck Todd, she did a great job defending the fact that an AP reporter falsely tweeted out that the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.

She did a great job cornering the media and proving that they lie constantly, but Chuck got her with a trap question, and those words came out of her mouth.

Alternative facts.

Chuck was absolutely right when he told her those are called lies.

Alternative facts didn’t begin with the Trump presidency like the media is pretending. They actually began long ago, but Obama was a close friend of alternative facts.

Remember when Benghazi was caused by a Youtube video? Or remember when Michael Brown had his hands up? Remember when Obamacare was going to allow people to keep their insurance if they were happy? Remember when there was no confidential information in Hillary’s emails?

These are all lies. They aren’t good lies, and I remember when we, as Republicans, were upset when the Obama Administration lied to us.

Why, then, is it OK for Trump to lie?

The answer: It’s not.

The fact is, he did not have the largest inaugural crowd or audience. Period.

He incessantly claims that there are 3-5 million people that vote illegally and he cites a PEW study for those numbers. This is a lie.

Where can we go when literally everybody is lying to us? The media is lying, but the administration lies right back. It’s like a contest to see who can lie their way out of the best lie.

I’m not worried about it yet. But if we continue this path, and give a legitimate name like “alternative facts” to lies, we open ourselves up for some seriously dangerous stuff.

The president has been doing great things, and it seems like he will continue to do great things. So far, the lies have only been words.

They haven’t affected policy or caused any changes, but we shouldn’t set the precedent of being able to say falsehoods without consequences, even if they’re told about things that seem insignificant.

When Obama did it we hated it and called him out for it. It should be the same way with Trump. If we want the credibility of our movement and our truths, we must tell the truth and call out those who don’t.

What’s great about our side is that we believe truth exists. Let’s tell it.

Bottoms up.


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