Song Lyrics From The Celebrities At The Women’s March and Other “Feminists”

Since the marchers and feminists seem to think old, white men are perpetuating the patriarchy and objectifying women, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit what some of their self-designated spokeswomen have said in songs that made them incredibly rich and famous.
Each of these artists either attended the women’s march last weekend or have been outspoken critics of Donald Trump’s “disgusting sexism and objectification.”
Two  of them even campaigned with Hillary and one of those two performed at President Obama’s inauguration. You know, the one that was bigger than Trump’s.
I may be young, but I’m ready
To give you all my love
I told my girls you can get it
Don’t slow it down, just let it go

So in love
I’ll give it all away
Just don’t tell nobody tomorrow
So tonight,
I’ll do it every way
Speakers knockin’ til the morning light

Tonight I’ll be you’re naughty girl
I’m callin all my girls
we gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body
Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m callin all my girls
I see you look me up and down
And I came to party
Lady Gaga:
Got all night, no cameras
We got no champagne but we got drugs
No, I’ve got nothing to do
But to be stuck on you
Purple sheets, symbol clock
Gonna spend my time rocking on top
Yeah, I’ve got nothing to do
But to be stuck on you
Baby you’re my Johnny Walker, baby it’s true
So I’ll just be stuck on, stuck on f****** you
Stuck on f****** you
Got no boundaries and no limits
If there’s excitement, put me in it
If it’s against the law, arrest me
If you can handle it, undress me
With all these curves we might need
To have the breaks looked at
So pop the hood and see what’s good
I need a tune-up bad
My pressure’s low, I’m on a roll
But my transmission’s blown
I heard a thump, and then a knock
I hear you work at a body shop
I hear you work at a body shop
You can keep it overnight
You can do whatever you like
Working overtime
Working on the line
*Let’s also not forget that Madonna openly bribed people to vote for Hillary with sexual favors. Joking or not, that sounds like a real punch in the gut to objectification, doesn’t it?
Miley Cyrus:
I sleep with the door open if you want to come in while I’m sleeping
I’m always sleeping naked cause you wake up and you’re creeping
*This one I won’t put the rest of the lyrics up because it is unbelievable explicit and gross, but if you feel like reading the full lyrics it’s called “Bang Box.”
Katy Perry:
It’s a Friday night now here we go
I ain’t no stripper but I work the pole
Bartender can you pour some more
And I’m so tipsy coming out my clothes
Fly high high high
And I can’t see so I can’t drive
I party till I’m out my mind
I kiss on him but he don’t mind
Then I wake up in the morn
I got a guy in my bed like hello good morn
Don’t remember how I got him home
But Friday night it was nice and long
Sounds like a productive bunch of strong, empowered women standing for value and equality of each and every woman, doesn’t it? These are only four of literally dozens of women who sing about this crap constantly.
This is what middle America is sick of.
When the left continues to lecture them about what terrible, intolerant people they are as they themselves contribute more to the problem than anybody, it turns people away.
If leftists and Democrats want to make sure they never win back the public’s support, they should just keep parading these kinds of representatives out for their movements and marches.
For the love of God, we on the right, hope they do.
Bottoms up.

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