Keep The Government Out Of The Bedroom – Remember?

I am taking a Media Entrepreneurial class for my journalism degree in school. Naturally, you would expect the class to be focused on the business workings of media outlets and have elements of objective journalism, right?

At the beginning of class today, my professor started with clips from the news as he does every class.

What was today’s story? How “inspirational” the women’s marches over the weekend were.

I was shown picture after picture of signs aimed at the President of the United States that read, “Trump is a Bozo,” or depicting his face among swastikas while he referred to them as “beautiful” and “incredible.”

My teacher asked how many in the class attended the march, and of course over half the class raised their hands proudly.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the Media Diversity class I was required to take last semester, I was taught that oppression is when those in powerful positions, you know, like those straight, white, men with all their privilege, undermine the ideas and voices of those in lower positions.

Why does nobody care about oppression in the classroom? Why are those in power on college campuses, professors, deans and presidents, allowed to use their power to influence the minds of their students?

It’s no secret that the educational institutions across America are operated and controlled by leftists. References to Trump and his supporters have become a wink-wink nod-nod all around my school of journalism, and the greater campus at large.

Why is that acceptable?

Now let’s talk about the march itself, shall we?

I support the First Amendment in its entirety. I am studying to be a journalist and the Constitution specifically mentions my career path. That is an honor.

While I fully understand and support people’s right to protest and say things, I couldn’t help but ask, what exactly are they wanting?

Over and over again myths about the patriarchy are allowed to be spread without any factual basis. From the people I spoke to who attended or supported the marches, the common answer was that they needed their “voices to be heard” over things like “reproductive rights.”

I actually had conversations with multiple people who think that if the government doesn’t pay for birth control or enforce companies to make the prices lower, women are being oppressed.

How can somebody say that with a straight face?

In a country where women are more prosperous than any place on earth and have every single legal right that a man has, that seems a bit out-of-touch.

You don’t have a right to affordable birth control any more than a man has a right to affordable protein power for his “gainz.” The government isn’t responsible for covering the cost of consequence.

Most feminists I’ve spoken to actually believe that women have a government-ordained right to have sex with whomever they please with absolutely zero risk of pregnancy.

By that same logic, why can’t I set a reasonable expectation that if I enjoy bourbon (enough to name my blog post after it), why won’t the government pay to eliminate the risk of me getting drunk or sick?

I think I’m going to start asking the government to subsidize Gatorade and saline IVs every time I go out with my friends.

Because it’s “unreasonable” for me to stay sober since nobody does, right?

The government isn’t responsible for convenience. The government is responsible for protecting our rights and on a local level a certain amount of infrastructure.


Nobody is saying you can’t get your birth control, ladies.

Nobody is saying you can’t sleep with whoever you please.

Nobody is saying you can’t go to your doctor and speak with her about your medications you should take.

When it comes to reproductive rights, all men are asking is that we don’t legalize the murder of babies and that we don’t pay to eliminate the consequences of women’s entertainment.

How those two things seem like patriarchal oppression, I can’t wrap my mind around.

After all, y’all want to keep the government out of the bedroom, right? Why not on this issue?

Bottoms up.



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