Response to Marc Lamont Hill – Who Are the REAL “Moderate Negros?”


Marc Lamont Hill is the poster boy for a leftist.

He is black, educated, condescending, soft-spoken (until you say he’s wrong), gay and a works as a social justice activist…whatever that means.

He often appears on Fox, CNN and other news stations as some kind of voice for young black Americans and was named one of Ebony Magazine’s top 30 voices black leaders under 30 in 2001.

In case you missed what he said about Steve Harvey visiting President-Elect Trump, here is the video link. Now before you watch this video, consider two things: First, consider the people that Trump has met with so far about black issues, like Ray Lewis, Jim Brown and now Harvey. Second, consider if somebody like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity had said exactly what Hill says here.

Moderate negroes?

Did he just call these men moderate negroes and attack them for their celebrity status because they’ve agreed to meet with the President-Elect and said they had great meetings that have them looking forward to working with him?

He did. And in doing so, he exposes the underlying attitude of the left.

When the mask is removed and the left begins to be defeated, they show their true colors, no pun intended.

Hill exhibited exactly what he truly believes and what the left truly believes about race: If you are a minority and you so much as try to work with Republicans, you are cast away as an illegitimate member of that minority. You’re a fake. You’re a traitor.

Well let’s examine these two individuals, Hill and Harvey, shall we?

Marc Lamont Hill, from all the sources I’ve been able to find on his Wikipedia page, was born in a well-off district of Philadelphia where he attended Carter High School, an upscale magnet school for science and technology.

He was able to go to a private, male-only college, Morehouse College, and eventually got a Ph. D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, he has been teaching at different colleges, including Temple and recently Morehouse, a mostly black institution.

He is currently worth an estimated $1 million from teaching college students black history and talking on TV about how black people are oppressed …even the ones who have a Ph. D. and are worth $1 million …

Steve Harvey was born to a poor coal miner in West Virginia. He moved to the urban areas of Cleveland with his family and his father switched to construction work. They were pretty poor.

Harvey went to Kent State University but flunked out after three years. The job positions he’s held include a carpet cleaner, an insurance salesman, a mechanic and even a mailman according to a 2014 interview with Parade.

Between those two lives, which sounds like they may have a better grasp of what it’s like to struggle as a black man in America?

Hill was born in 1978, while Harvey was born in 1957.

Which is likely to have seen more about what it must have been like to experience problems within the black community?

Hill is totally out of touch, as is most of the elite left. This is precisely why Trump won in the first place.

Americans are tired of elitist snobs telling them about their own problems and delegitimizing them because they don’t say or do the right thing.

As long as there are “activists” like Marc Lamont Hill representing the black left, two things are certain: The left will continue to be destroyed politically which is great news, and race relations in America will never truly heal.

Two days ago we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. I said that his death will forever be the greatest tragedy for American society.

He should be the shining example for what it means to turn hatred into love and bring divided sides together.

But unfortunately, for today’s leftist activists, those kinds of visions and values are just those of another “moderate negro.”

Bottoms up.


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