Lesson to the Media: America’s lying, gossiping, two-faced friend that divided us.

Donald Trump
Jim Cole/AP

Republicans, stop thinking that the entire left is whiney, rioting, anarchist lunatics.

Democrats, stop thinking the entire right is racist, misogynist, bigoted homophobes.

The real problem is the third party. And no, I don’t mean you, Gary Johnson.

The real reason for the hate, misunderstanding and division of the country unlike what we’ve seen before is the elite corporate media.

Everybody has had a toxic friendship triangle. You have a really good best friend that you get along with, and then a third comes along and seems like a good fit, but something feels weird.

The third friend starts constantly telling you vile things about your other friend behind their back, but little do you know they’re doing the same to you.

Eventually it leads to a toxic friendship in which you and your former best friend begin to hate each other and split apart, siding with the third, that was the reason for the split in the first place.

The Republicans and the Democrats are the two best friends and the media is the backstabbing, lying, two-faced friend that has ruined the relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons the two sides butte heads, but isn’t that how friendships and families work?

I still believe the left has some dangerous ideas. I also believe the left thinks I have some dangerous ideas.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could talk about why we think our ideas are and aren’t dangerous, without the media constantly telling us what the other side thinks without even listening?

I’m a journalist in training. After this senior year of college, I will have a degree in journalism. That is a job that should come with great pride.

The press is the only profession explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. That’s saying something.

Despite its importance press has totally squandered its reputation, and rightfully so. People are finally realizing that yes, the media is corrupt. It is simply a place to facilitate rhetoric and propaganda for the side of their choosing. After this election, you can’t argue that it tends to be the left that benefits, and the media are even admitting that today (See CBS, NYT WaPo, etc.)

If nothing good comes from the election of Donald Trump, at least one thing will be changed positively. At least the elite media will have lost its power grip on the American political process and hopefully will purge themselves of the unfair, backstabbing, biased corruption they have engaged in for decades.

I certainly believe in the Freedom of the Press. But to enjoy that freedom, you have to actually be the press.

Here’s to hoping our nasty, no-good third friend that has been sabotaging our grand American friendship has learned its lesson, and we can make up and  take this friendship places it hasn’t been before.

Bottoms up.


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