If you’re afraid of Trump, hear me out.

I am just as shocked as the rest of you.

I absolutely expected that Hillary would win the election and I would be fighting to recognize her as a legitimate president.

The thing I have heard the most of coming from the left since the election is fear. So many people are saying that they feel scared or worried under a Trump administration.

This is my explanation of why it all happened, and my promise to those of you who may actually be afraid that should your fears manifest into reality, I will stand with you.

What America did was conduct an exorcism on several demons that have been growing for decades. They threw electoral holy water on the elite media, the establishment politicians and the overly-sensitive, dangerous leftist movement that has been encroaching for 10 years.

Today, the demons are screaming and screeching as they are run out for good.

The reason this entire thing happened is because the left is exposing itself as the very monster we have been warning the nation about for years.

The same people calling for Trump to accept the election results are the ones marching with signs that read “#NotMyPresident.”

The same people chanting “love trumps hate” are the ones burning home made effigies of him in the streets and saying that people need to die on both sides before change can happen.

The same people who called Republicans terrorists for obstructing Obama’s presidency are calling for the complete obstruction of Trump’s.

I had a black student in one of my classes today say that he’s seen America’s “true colors” and that he’s, “looking around at all the white people around him wondering what they’re for.”

That’s not racist at all is it?

Trump was never my first choice. I would have liked to cast a vote for any one of the 16 other well-qualified GOP candidates in the race. You can bet that I will keep Trump on a short leash with my own views, just as I will any president. He deserves to be criticized when he does things that aren’t acceptable.

Even in my reluctance, it came time to make a decision, and frankly, my frustration with being called so many things I am not and being accused of things for which others are guilty finally boiled over.

I am not a racist. I am not a bigot. I am not misogynist. I am not homophobe.

I want my country to represent its people, not banks, special interest or corrupt elites, and that could not have been accomplished with a Clinton presidency.

Today, minorities and leftists are screaming that they are in a panic. Some of these people are trying to push divisive rhetoric, but some of them are sincerely worried and scared.

I’m sorry that you are, but here’s why I believe you shouldn’t be.

Donald Trump has been called everything  person can be called. All of those names end with a “-cist” or a “-phobe.”

While he has said some questionable things that make him seem unhinged, he does not have one single policy preposition or opinion that actually is any of those things.

I will grant you that he has been rough to some women, but I honestly believe the words he’s said about women are simply carried over from the time he spent in Hollywood, inundated with the most misogynistic, racist, bigoted group of people on the planet. And they’re all liberals.

A truly misogynistic person does not raise a mindful, loving, successful and classy daughter like Ivanka Trump.

Despite the fact that he is untrained in political speech, the gist of his policy that everybody claims is so racist is that he wants secure borders and compliance with immigration law.

Not a single thing the man has done is openly racist. In fact, Jesse Jackson and Don King have praised him in the past for his contributions to race relations. He’s never been broadly accused of racism until he was a Republican presidential candidate. How convenient.

But my words, on a personal level to those who truly are fearful are this:

I realize that there are some evil people out there. I’ve heard about the vandalism and assaults that have happened in the name of Trump and his supporters.

Those people are not his true supporters, and they do not represent the Republican values that half the country still holds.

The majority of us who voted for Trump didn’t do it to get black people, Muslims or Latinos out of “our” country. We did it because we’re tired of seeing the people of this nation taken advantage of on the global stage, as well as here at home.

We’re tired of the war on poverty that’s been raging for 60 years with no progress.

We’re tired of people who have never known anything but government jobs their entire lives running ours.

We’ve had 44 presidents in our nation’s history, and if Hillary had been elected, we would have had a father/son and a husband/wife within just the last 5. That’s not a republic, that’s a monarchy.

If you are truly afraid of being a minority in Trump’s America, know that I am afraid too. I am afraid to be a Trump supporter. I am afraid to be a Republican in a country where they are labeled all the names I mentioned without any evidence. I am afraid to express my beliefs at a ballot box because people of my kind are actually getting beaten up in the streets today.

But I sincerely believe that America is still a good place.

I believe that we are all misunderstanding each other’s sentiments. Violence on any front is wrong, regardless of the reasons.

Trump’s America should not be a dangerous place for minorities or Democrats. It should be a safe place for all Americans to live and prosper according to their own personal choices and liberties.

That is what the majority of us think. And if you all are somehow right, if your fear turns out to be justified and the hatred and violence you are afraid of manifests itself somehow, then it is a different story.

I don’t think you need to fear Trump’s America, but if your fears come true, I will stand with you. We will all stand with you.

Until then, let’s work together and solve these problems. Trump isn’t just another candidate that’s been bought and paid for. He is a business man that has to make deals and work with others to get things accomplished.

He has agreed to take no salary while he is in the White House and has agreed to impose term limits on congress.

Surely that’s a good place to start if you’re trying to unify the nation.

Bottoms up.


2 thoughts on “If you’re afraid of Trump, hear me out.

  1. I like your call for unity, and you and I have discussed that before. I thank God for the checks and balances of government, and of voters who express their opinions, on all sides. We are all going to have to come together constructively. And honestly, we really don’t know what we are getting. The Trump tweets need to go, the trash talk needs to go and then we will see what we will really get. The wall, who knows? The ban on Muslims? who knows? He has to work with a system now. 3 am big talk is not going to cut it. I am hoping for good things, but I will say to you that I am very glad there are people who will be keeping him accountable, from republicans to democrats, to Bernie Sanders. We are going to need them. I really hope this goes well. Bottoms up! I enjoyed reading your blog.


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