She will win tomorrow, but she will not be my president.

I thought President Obama was a one-time mistake.

I gave the left the benefit of the doubt because he was young, black, socialist, charismatic and a Democrat after a disastrous Republican administration.

I thought the left would have their joy with Obama, realize the party had gotten too radical and return closer to the center.

After tomorrow, I will be proven wrong. The Democrats have traveled too far left to be brought back.

So far left that the wife of the most “moderate” Democratic president in modern history is going to win the White House, and will make her husband look like a Reagan Republican.

She is going to win tomorrow, but she will not be my president.

Conservatives have nobody to blame but themselves. We had the perfect opportunity to restore the conservative movement, nominate a young, articulate conservative leader and defeat, for good, the most corrupt dynasty in modern politics.

We were fighting an old, hypocritical socialist who is popular with young people that don’t understand how the world works, and an old, criminal, pathological liar that is part of the very elite establishment she pretends to fight against.

Instead of keeping calm and nominating a reasonable leader, we jerked our knees and nominated the most easily-diminishable candidate we possibly could.

I understand why we did. Conservatives had their Obama moment. We were tired of the GOP fighting for our votes only to collapse to the pressures of the Washington bullies.

We went to the primaries and voted with reckless abandon. We voted with the anger in our bellies rather than the thoughtfulness of our minds.

Politics is a game of chess. And we moved ourselves into check when their check-mate was one move away.

When Hillary Clinton wins the election tomorrow, she will be under FBI investigation. She will be guilty of mishandling classified information and breaching State Department rules. She will be guilty of perjury and guilty of pay-for-play in her administration.

I will not support a criminal, a liar, a puppet and an evil entity to lead my country.

Hillary Clinton will be elected, but she will not be my president, because she and her kind are what the founders tried to protect us from.

In my opinion, this is it. This is that moment in our history when things are truly on the verge of demise. This isn’t going to be the Democrats winning the White House as they have before. This election defines our nation’s history for a long time to come, and possibly until the end of that history.

She will not be Madame President. She will not be President Clinton. We already had one of those and it bred impeachment, likely, as will this one.

She will be the evil that stole our government with years of deception, criminality, lies and corruption.

She will be the one that must be defeated.

For the next few years, I will call for impeachment. I will call for a Convention of the States. I will help do whatever is necessary to stop this tragedy from playing out. And small as it may be, I will not acknowledge her as President of the United States publicly nor privately.

It is our job to replace this evil. Both parties have to look at where we are. Both parties are to blame for this nonsensical hell we find ourselves in.

The next four years are going to be rough. I believe that we are one generation away from needing a serious revolution. I’m not calling for a violent or physical attack on our leaders or government. However, if the time comes that we need to take up arms to defend our free State, then so be it.

But if we can survive this next four years without a legitimate government, if we can defend our liberties and not allow the Supreme Court to become partisan, 2020 becomes the defining moment in American history.

That election will either be the rebirth of liberty this country desperately needs, a chance for conservatives to truly elect somebody capable of saving us from the horrors of modern leftism, or it will be the end.

I hope that tomorrow night, I will be able to wipe the sweat from my brow as President-elect Donald J. Trump delivers a victory speech.

But if the people truly have been deceived into electing that evil woman, I will spend the next four years doing what I can to rebuild conservatism from the ground up and fighting to keep hold of everything she and her demons want to take away.

Go to the polls and save our country tomorrow. It may be your last chance.

Bottoms up.


3 thoughts on “She will win tomorrow, but she will not be my president.

  1. I like your writing style. It’s clear, punchy and impassioned. Your sentiment is off, in my view, but also age-appropriate. I’m now a 60something. Half of the 11 presidents I’ve lived through were not ones I voted for. Some created more problems than others, including some I helped put in office.

    You really can’t predict outcomes, only try to make considered choices. Events originating in other countries, natural catastrophes, the unpredictable acts of the evil or the insane, unanticipated luck (both good and bad) can all change the direction of a presidency. The older I get, the more I gravitate toward personal qualities related to innovation and flexibility, because presidents have to constantly adapt to the unpredictable. It’s nice to have detailed plans, but those don’t get enacted into law without changes.

    I think it’s more likely than not that Clinton will win, because I was a scientist and I trust math. By experience and education, I also know the country won’t end. The election of 1860 was far more contentious, and even with that Civil War that followed after seven states refused to certify Lincoln’s election, the nation eventually returned to a cyclical process of adaptation and change. I lived through more troubled times myself, especially the ’68 and ’72 elections. There was a LOT more blood in the streets in those days. Lately it’s bad, but it’s mostly bark and no bite.

    You’ll get through this. So will the country. If I was there we could share bourbon over it.


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