Republican Stupidity: The highjacking of a party

It was the perfect election for a conservative revolution.

The Democratic nominee was set to be either an old socialist or an incredibly disliked, robotic, established career politician with more scandals than wrinkles on her face.

Republicans were sure to win the White House back and save the republic from the imminent threat of an inflated economy, foreign threat epidemic and a collapsing society.

But in typical GOP fashion, we committed political suicide because of our impatience and unwillingness strategize.

We nominated Donald Trump.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have the best ideas. Limited government, free markets, peace through strength and personal responsibility are still the best ways to run a democracy.

The problem is, we can’t get out of our own way to persuade people that it’s true.

We turned Congress red last election cycle. They successfully kept the country safe from an assault on American civilization known as the Obama Administration. But it wasn’t enough.

The left has control of the culture. That makes it extremely difficult for conservatives to win, even when they have political power. The fact is, most Americans are more concerned with culture than with politics. We don’t care about rights or policy, as long as we feel good about the cause we’re working toward socially.

The frustration of conservatives boiled over, and in a search for something new, Donald Trump emerged.

He was exciting. He wasn’t from Washington, he wasn’t part of the overly-sensitive culture, he didn’t pander and he was a juggernaut politically.

Our problem began there, with our desperation.

As you may recall, I didn’t support Trump. A lot of conservatives didn’t support Trump. We believed that, while he was good at identifying the problems we face, he didn’t necessarily possess what it requires to fix them.

My pick for president was a tough choice between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Looking back, the fact that neither of them were nominated is even more heartbreaking considering all the dirt there is on Hillary.

The fact is, Trump isn’t a Republican. He isn’t even a conservative. I think he is a moderate-at-best that happens to have conservative stances on the issues Americans are most worried about, and morphed those stances to cater to a base he built.

Republicans didn’t think before we nominated. We needed a candidate that was experienced enough in politics to run a campaign that could dismantle the last eight years of progressivism, but new enough that they could separate from the establishment.

We needed a conservative with conservative views because they believe in them, not because they fire up a base.

Look at what we’re up against.

Hillary Clinton is the most unpopular politician (Trump aside) arguably that has ever lived. She is a fraud. She is a bad person. She is robotic. She is establishment. She is an elitist. She is a panderer. She and her entire tree of friends and family are corrupt. Her only qualification is her experience, and that can easily be broken down when she is assessed on her performance.

Wikileaks is unleashing emails by the thousands that prove that:

  • The media is on her side.
  • Her campaign cheated to win her primary.
  • She actually admitted to having different positions based on who her audience was.
  • The FBI is covering for her in a criminal investigation.
  • She spread false information about Benghazi.
  • She doesn’t really support LGBT rights.
  • She is bought and paid for by terrorist nations.
  • She enabled her husbands sexual abuse and attacked his victims.

Among other things, she has called millions of people deplorable and her husband called them rednecks.

She is the dream candidate that a Republican would like to run against in a crucial time for the salvation of this country.

She is also about to be the next President of the United States.

How? Because the Republican electorate let the pressure get to us, and we caved. We are talking about 11-year-old private tapes and a guy saying mean things. We elected somebody that the media could have a field day with in a battle of character assault. And they have won.

That being said, I will still vote Trump, because I believe his potential to be a good president is better than Hillary’s. I’m not going to look at his personal character, because both candidates are bad people. I’m going to support him for his policy ideas and for the party. But it is a reluctant support, and I hope we’ve learned our lesson.

Where do we go now?

My theory for the future of the party is that this will actually turn out to be good for the GOP.

If the country survives the absolute catastrophe that is about to ensue, conservatives will come out on top and be in a position to win again.

This may be the optimist view, but it’s all I have at this point.

Republicans got it out of our system. We nominated the unlikely outsider that was going to blow the system up, but we held the grenade too long and it blew up in our face.

Now that we got it over with, the stage is set in 2020 for a real conservative revolution. By then, the Democrats will have held the White House for over a decade. They will likely have Congress again before then and Hillary will have free reign to implement all the horrific, leftist policies she speaks of.

At the end of her first term, people will be looking for a reversal. We will find ourselves in such a perverse version of the America we want, and we will get it right this time.

We must be more careful and more strategic. When we nominate a candidate in 2020, it has to be the one that will bring about the conservative revolution with a clear, honest plan to implement authentic conservatism in a way that isn’t harsh or noninclusive.

It has to be the one who can explain why progressivism doesn’t work, despite its promises of sunshine and rainbows. It has to be the one that can be judged on character and policy alike, and withstand the scrutiny that will come from the left-controlled media. It has to be one that can break down the barriers progressives have build that separate us – rich vs. poor, white vs. minority, gay vs. straight, male vs. female – and unite these groups to make a collective push toward a better place.

I am hopeful that the Republican Party will regroup and reform. If we can manage to regain our composure, get rid of the Trumpism and replace it with honest effort to bring conservatism back to our government, we will stop this country from becoming the globalist, progressive nightmare we fear.

Here’s to 2020.

Bottoms up.


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