If I Could Interview A Democrat

I’m sitting here waiting for the big moment. Bill Clinton is about to take the stage and be the iconic, transcendent democrat that he always is in a moment like this.

But upon waiting for his speech, I find myself asking questions I just cannot seem to answer. So I need help.

It all started with my listening to Bernie Sanders’ speech last night. There he was, the crowd going crazy, people in tears (which I couldn’t help but laugh at), giving his excuses for why he has totally abandoned those who believed in his socialistic ways and hopped on the corrupt establishment train.

The first thing that got me was when he said, “Hillary Clinton must be the next President of the United States!”

How could he possibly think this, I contemplated, if just last month he said multiple times on national television that she was unqualified to be in the position?

I get it, politicians flip. But wasn’t he supposed to be different than a regular politician? Oh well.

But thinking about this drastic flip by the Bern, I began to notice a trend with Democrats in this election, and for that matter every political stage. They are elusive. Certain things matter  unless it doesn’t help their narrative for their short term success, and then they completely flip it around and use it oppositely to their advantage.

Now I’m sure that if you’re a Democrat or even just a liberal moderate, you’re ready to stop reading. But don’t because you’re the one who can hopefully give me answers.

I have come up with a list of recent double standards held by the party on a grand scale that I would like sincere answers to. But please, without a mention of Bush or Trump or any other irrelevant comparison you might try to make.

Let’s start with the Obama presidency.

Why is it, that when Trump and the Republicans list the negative effects of the Obama administration, they are viewed as dark, negative, fear-mongering and crazy? Funny, because I thought the reason we needed Bernie and now need Hillary is because so many people are hurting?

Either we’re in better shape since his election or we aren’t. Does anybody know?

The second thing I’ve noticed is experience. Why did we not care about Obama’s experience in 2008 (one of the least experienced and least qualified candidates in history), but all the sudden Hillary is the most qualified (experienced) candidate we’ve ever had? It wouldn’t be a big deal, but according to multiple polls, that is one of the only positive qualities people attribute to her as a candidate.

Do you want experience from the establishment or do you want something new and unprecedented?
When Michelle Obama gave her speech, why was she so proud that her ‘black girl’ daughters could play in the yard of a house built by slaves (which is a controversial claim), marking the incredible progress we’ve made, yet last week black people are still victims of oppression and systematic racism?

Are black people able to reach their dreams today or not? If we are still in a period of racial prejudice, how can a black man hold the highest office in the land?

One of the president’s major irritations has been the gun culture. He has constantly gone behind a podium and turned a national tragedy or act of terrorism into a distorted reason to create new gun laws that wouldn’t have even prevented the tragedies he was speaking about.

In each of those speeches, he painted a dark, grim picture about how horrible gun crime has been and how we’ve seen too much. But when Republicans talk about the rise in violence in major cities during the Obama years, we are suddenly seeing crime rates at all-time lows and we are ‘safer than we’ve ever been’.

Do we have a violence problem, or are we safe and on the uprise?

From what I’ve always understood, Democrats think they are the fighters for the little man. They support the poor, the lower class, the overlooked. They oppose big business, big politics, corrupt wealthy white people and anything else of the sort.

Then how can they support the Clintons? The Clintons are the most established, embedded, corrupt political dynasty in American history since the Kennedys. They are rich. They are white. They take money from big business. They take bribes. They lie like it’s their jobs. They’ve been in politics all their lives. They flip flop on issues based on what is convenient at the time (see immigration, gay marriage, economic policy, etc.)

An elite, white, corporate-friendly, flip-flopping wealthy career politician seems to be everything the democrats oppose, yet they just nominated one. Why?

Let’s talk about the the media, shall we?

I already mentioned the media headlines after the GOP had its convention last week. The common word was ‘dark’. Nearly every outlet used the word ‘dark’ in their headlines to describe Trump’s vision of America. Where was there coverage of Bernie’s speech when he listed off all the problems and ailments we face that he wanted his rainbow revolution to fix?

There are literally protests in the streets of Philadelphia bigger than anything seen in Cleveland, because the Democratic National Committee  was discovered sabotaging a campaign within their own party.

People are refusing to vote for Hillary because they are so upset over their socialist revolutionary losing in the primaries unfairly, in the midst of their chairwoman resigning, but somehow the Republican Party is the one in chaos?

Unfortunately, this kind of double standard doesn’t stay within the confines of the convention or this election.

Have you ever asked a liberal or a global  warming believer why they believe it? The answer I’ve always gotten is, “Science proves it!”

What about when science proves that children who don’t grow up in structured families are more likely to have mental health issues, or that certain diseases, like gender identity disorder are actually mental disorders?

Do we believe our doctors and scientists or not?

Sometimes they like to separate government and religion, unless of course we talk about social programs, in which case I’ve been accused of being a ‘hypocritical christian’ because ‘Jesus was all for acceptance and care-taking’.

If you expect me to keep my Bible and my constitution separately, why can’t you?

The Democratic Party is leading its people like sheep. They wake up singing a different tune every day (figuratively) and people follow right along.

As a young conservative, how can I respect a party like this? What would attract me to a party that can’t stay consistent? Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans have their problems too. How can they support limiting government, but then advocate for the regulation of what a person puts in their own body?

But don’t worry, I’ll get to that in a later post.

If you think you can answer these questions for me, I would love you to try. I’m honestly open to listening and debating. Maybe I don’t like the democratic mindset because I don’t understand it. But how can I understand something that’s constantly in motion?

Bottoms up.




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