Orlando Response: The Common Thread.

Here we go again. No drinks today, because here’s the same bad movie we’ve watched over and over. I see your Facebook post that you’re ‘tired’. Well so am I. But we seem to be tired of different things.

The first part of this is pretty much a fact gathering. With so many arbitrary terms being passed around, it’s important that things have real meaning and definition.

I encourage you to read through this and if you think anything here is wrong, misrepresented or flat out stupid, let’s talk about why.

We had a left-wing Muslim democrat slaughter 49 innocent Americans in a gay night club and guess who’s fault it is?

White, conservative gun owners. You know, we bigots who just want there to be two different genders.

Forget the fact that a Muslim just committed the worst mass shooting in American history months after a Muslim committed France’s worst mass shooting. Forget that. They’re peaceful.

Oh, but this guy wasn’t an average, authentic Muslim, right? Then I expect you to also believe he wasn’t an average, authentic gun-owner.

I’m tired of the ridiculous loss of American life at the hands of a death cult that we pretend isn’t real. 

I’m tired of us knowing the real problem, a radically violent religion that is constantly protected and defended while lives are lost around the world in its name.

I’m tired of people blaming inanimate objects, with completely false pretenses for mass murder.

I’m tired of people denying that there is real, pure evil in this world and there always will be.

But most of all, I’m tired of ignorance. Knowledge is power. And most of the responses I’ve seen to this tragedy have been ignorant, rendering us powerless.

So let me drop some facts for each of you who has used the words ‘tired’, ‘assault weapon/rifle’, ‘gun-violence’ or ‘gun control’ this week.

First, stop saying things like ‘military-style’ and ‘assault weapon.’ That’s ignorant, false and you look stupid when you say it.

Not a single shooting that we have witnessed in the public eye has been committed by an assault rifle. You can not go to your local gun store and purchase an assault rifle.

Every mass shooting we have seen, from Ft. Hood to Virginia Tech to Orlando have been committed with semi-automatic firearms. That means one bullet is fired when the trigger is pulled.

No matter what kind of fancy stocks, scopes or accessories somebody puts on their gun, unless it is a fully-automatic with a removable magazine with an intermediate cartridge, it is not and assault rifle. The AR-15 and similar rifles only have 1 of those 3 characteristics, the removable magazine.

These firearms operate no differently than the pistol your local police officer carries to protect you.

Not to mention, the average caliber of your so-called ‘assault weapons’ is a .223. In hunting, that is considered a small-medium round for big game. This is the smallest round any hunter would recommend when trying to kill a deer or any other big game animal.

The truth is, if a soldier took an AR-15 or a Sig MCX onto a battlefield, he wouldn’t last long.

Fully-automatic weapons are illegal for all civilian use in the United States. The only way to own a weapon that is fully-automatic in the U.S. is to have a Class 3 firearms license. If you think that is an easy thing to obtain, please look up the process for applying.

There is literally an article from ABC this week titled, ‘Assault Weapons Remain Legal And Easy To Buy In US.’ This is a lie. This is flat-out false information. This is the type of thing that should get journalists fired, unless it has to do with a liberal political point of course. Understand that.

If you’re OK with somebody owning a gun to hunt with, you’re OK with a .223 semi-automatic rifle that hunters use.

You people are literally putting a body kit on a Mazda Miata and calling it a Ferrari. You should feel stupid, or gullible at the very least, for that.

Last year it was background checks. “If only we had background checks for weapons purchases at gun shows, we would be safer. That’s all we’re asking for.”

Well guess what? This guy passed a background check.

Now what do you want, a ban on certain firearms because of how they look? Please, I’m begging somebody to enlighten me on how that would be enforced.

As somebody who supports the 2nd amendment, I’m called paranoid when I accuse the government of inching more and more with legislative proposals.

But is it paranoia? The left will fight and fight for something, promising that’s all they want, and then when they get it, they begin the fight for more because it was not enough.

This is the very essence of progressivism. With guns, they want background checks. Until background checks are not enough.

With LGBT, they want equality. Until separate bathrooms are not enough.

With religion, they don’t want to be forced to believe anything. Until they realize they aren’t being forced to believe anything, that’s not enough, so they begin to force the beliefs on others.

They are are forcing the rest of us to be tolerant of their ideology and accept it. Think about the irony there for a second.

Next, don’t go to Facebook with your false sympathy about ‘how many lives must we lose before something is done?’

You don’t care about lives being lost. If you did, there are thousands of lives lost in the U.S. each year from things that are totally preventable. Where is your crusade for those things?

The first one of you ready to give up your cars, throw the first stone. Car accidents kill almost 33,000 people each year. Why are we able to drive cars so easily? You take a brief test as a 16-year-old (depending on your state) and you get to control a 1 ton piece of steel that can reach 100 miles per hour in seconds for the rest of your life.

That is an epidemic by any standard.

Overdoses are the new leading cause of accidental death in the US. What’s ironic about that? Aside from alcohol, drugs are either completely illegal or heavily regulated.

Tell me again about how your legislation will prevent death. Tell me again about how the government’s great ‘War on Drugs’ made everything better.

So when you tell me you’re angered by firearm deaths that are preventable, that is a total fabrication unless you are spending your days fighting to prevent every accidental death possible.


Now I’ll try and be nicer and less condescending. Let’s try and reach some understanding, shall we?

What do we do about what we’re seeing?

People like to point out that the U.S. has a significantly higher gun death rate than other countries. If only we allowed less guns, we would see less death. This may be true, but there is no solid evidence that this is in relation to ‘lax gun laws.’

Murders happen all over the world whether guns are present or not. The U.S. actually ranks 99th for murder rate in regards to population. That means other countries with many fewer guns than we have are still killing people.

The U.S. has an interesting variable that people do not consider whenever we talk about our population. We are the most diverse nation in the world.

Unfortunately, this means that we get a little of everything, even bad. Other countries don’t have the drastic ideological differences that we have.

When we analyze mass shootings, we find that the ‘common thread’ is a gun. Well no s#!% guns are going to be the common thread in mass shootings. Hence the word shooting.

What is not common is the way in which the guns are obtained.

But there is another common thread we don’t mention.

What is the other common thread, that actually spreads beyond shootings?

The answer is ideology.

15 years ago, 2,000 people were murdered at one time without a single gun nearby. A group of animals took over flying machines with a boxcutter and a bomb and crashed them. Oklahoma City had it’s largest building blown to pieces. A man named Jim Jones took a group of innocent, normal American people to a group of islands and had them all commit mass suicide without a single gun.

What was the common thread? Ideology.

What drove the shooter in Charleston? Ideology.

San Bernardino? Ideology.

Why are we worried about the ways in which murder is being committed while ignoring why it is being committed?

Everybody knows the most important piece in solving a murder case is finding the motive, whether the killer used a knife, a rope, a bomb, a gun or a broken bottle.

If somebody has the ideology to kill, they will kill.

Gun control is not the answer to this problem. It doesn’t work in Chicago, Baltimore, New York or anywhere else anymore than drug control has prevented drug abuse.

The answer is, there is no answer. We are at war. Radical Islam exists, just as it has for thousands of years. It isn’t a ‘fringe’ or a ‘misunderstanding.’ There are far too many that have been around for far too long for it to be a fluke.

There are hundreds of different terrorist groups. Many of them fight each other. No matter what view of Islam they claim to defend, the common thread for them is death. Death to America, death to Israel and death to each other.

Stop arguing about what laws will work, what politicians are wrong and what would have prevented this from happening.

Let’s realize that we are one nation. We are fighting a war with an evil like we have never seen, and it isn’t our neighbors.

We can’t use this to further divide ourselves. We have to use this to unify us, gay, straight, gun-rights, anti-gun, liberal or conservative, against our true enemies.

It’s our choice. Make it wisely.



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