Huffington Post: Read This Before You Say Anything Else About Me Not Needing My Country Back

Today I read an article by LeMonte M. Fowler of the Huffington Post, basically calling conservatives stupid paranoid schizos…what else is new? So here is my response.

Buckle up because I will also drop some truth on y’all (being from Kentucky, I can say this better than he can) and Mr. Fowler.

The Mexican border is open and has been long enough to create a social and economic firestorm. One of the most basic characteristics of State are definitive borders. The open border has contributed to major crime in America and that is simply a fact. Not racism.

We don’t live in a democracy. You’re exactly right. We do live in an oligarchy. But the problem is, the government  was never supposed to be big enough or have enough control for that to happen. Thanks, liberals.

FoxNews, MSNBC and CNN do have an agenda. Each of them is designed to pull consumers in a certain direction. But the problem is, simply reading newspapers won’t help because the left has assumed control of the media. This is backed up by countless media studies. Ask Katie Couric. And the few outlets that are fair are suppressed. Thanks, Facebook.

There is a difference in facts, opinion and propaganda. Yes, just like the FACT that Hillary Clinton broke the law, the OPINION that Donald Trump is a racist and the PROPAGANDA that gun violence would be fixed by more laws. Even though nearly every single mass-tragedy that has served as a debate stage would not have been prevented under proposed law changes. But that’s none of my business.

Science is real. As far as we know. Theories are theories. Science is as man-made as any measurements we use. There is no way to prove things are always, 100 percent fail-proof. Scientists disagree on things just as politicians, media and sports fans do. We have pi because we don’t know it all.

Global warming, or “climate change”, might be real, it might not. We use data from the last…oh…few hundred years at most to determine the trend of a climate that, by the admission of the ‘scientists’, has been around for billions of years. Does that sound like a complete study to you? If this were a science fair, we would lose due to lack of information.

Racism exists. Very much so. But probably not for the reasons you think, or in the places you expect. See my last article.

American Christians are under attack. While I agree we have not experienced the persecution that Christians in the rest of the world have…yet…my religion is consistently put on blast here socially. I can’t count the times I’ve heard Christians accused of being “hypocritical”and “hateful”, yet somehow Islam is defended when a guy blows up a building shouting the name of Allah, and I have “Islamaphobia”.

Poor people do need help. They do, but didn’t LBJ do away with poverty in the ’60s with all his welfare legislation? Oh, that’s right. The government failed to help people. Imagine that.

Be nice to the people who teach your children. But let’s change the way our children are taught. Why do the teachers get yelled at and disrespected? Because we thought free education would be a good idea and now the teachers have no choice but to deal with even the worst of human beings.

I, in fact, DO know what Common Core is. Yeah, most people jump to conclusions about it because of the Facebook memes, but it is still wrecking our education system. As a liberal, aren’t you the ones telling me how ‘diverse’ everybody is and how they should be individual? Why do we hold all education to the same standard?

ISIS is not an existential threat to the U.S.? Well, I agree that we have the greatest military in the world, but what good is a $2,000 MacBook to a 70-year-old that doesn’t know how to turn it on? By the way, we said Bin Laden was no big deal in the ’90s…

Guns still don’t kill people. Inanimate objects do not kill people. This is a lie. Also, the 2nd amendment is not about living in a bad neighborhood. It’s for when the government starts telling you what neighborhood you have to live in. And that can happen anywhere in the world in the right situation. Even here.

If you do own a gun, chances are you do know how to use it well. Legal gun owners are not morons, they’re not violent people and they are not dangerous to the public. If so, why has nobody been shot dead at a Trump rally so far after the behavior we’ve seen?

If you are a little bit unhinged or pissed off, you shouldn’t have a gun…or a keyboard. The kind of word-vomit that I see on the internet these days is far more dangerous to our well-being than an angry guy with a gun.

I’ll stop being suspicious of Muslims. When they stop trying to build caliphates to bring about the end of the world. Not all Muslims are evil. But when a relatively large quantity of them continues the same behavior for thousands of years, there’s something more there than a ‘misrepresentation’.

Of course talk show hosts are entertainers. But why is your list limited to Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh? What about Shultz, Sharpton and Jon Stewart?

We are the United States of America and we can afford todo all the things you listed off BECAUSE of capitalism. If we start using the government and tax dollars to feed the children and house people, we become socialist which makes us poor. See Venezuela or an Econ 101 book.

Unless you can trace your family back to pure Native roots, we are all immigrants. But there are no serious claims that immigrants are ruining the country. You’re literally putting your so-called ‘burrito’ on our plates for us. What we are saying is that there are laws. People should follow them. If you want in to America, come in the right way, the way millions of people have for centuries.

Glad Mr. Fowler felt better for awhile. I certainly do now.

Bottoms up.


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