I’ve been Trumped…

Grab your glass and pour a drink, it’s election day in Kentucky. After today, the circus will leave town and we’ll go on being the good ole mid-western (we’re southern…really) state that only gets talked about in March and May. But for today, we matter.

Obviously, as a registered Republican, my decision has been made for Kentucky. My only voice left for president is in November where I only have (n)one choice. Unless I cross party lines, which in this country, we’ve been taught we would rather die a slow, painful death than do something like that. So if I voted again today, and in November, I will cast my vote, my piece of American democracy for Donald J. Trump.

Two years ago, that statement wouldn’t have had a lot of meaning. People would probably have thought I was joking, and probably wouldn’t have cared if I wasn’t. Back then, Donald Trump was just a hardline, entertaining real estate tycoon that ran things immaculately and fired people when they sucked. But then, he did something that is certain to change a person into a racist, misogynist bigot…he announced a run for office as a Republican.

So, why will I cast my vote for a racist, misogynist, bigoted, mean-spirited crazy man like Trump you ask? Especially since I’ve been a Rubio/Cruz guy since the start. I’ll tell you why. And I’ll also explain the same issues I had with him that I’ve gotten past, with reason.

I’ve had my issues with Trump. I honestly thought like everybody else did at the beginning of the announcements, Trump was a circus act and a loose cannon that won attention, not votes. But since, he’s actually earned my vote.

Despite the popular belief, Trump has actually not done a single thing to show racism, sexism or bigotry. He’s actually done quite the opposite.

He has been a public, powerful figure for decades. He’s publicly made relationships with prominent figures of all different races, including a man that makes his money from being a racist, Al Sharpton.  The first time he has ever been called racist in the public eye was this year, as a Republican presidential candidate. Why? Because he spoke harshly about illegal immigrants. He wants to build a wall to secure the border, and acknowledges the simple fact that bad things are coming from Mexico. The illegal immigrants jumping the border are not innocent, average Mexican citizens looking for a better life. Many are involved in drug cartels, gangs and other destructive behaviors like the murderers and rapists he has mentioned. I don’t see how it’s racist to demand respect for American law, and provide for us one of the only things the federal government is even supposed to provide…borders. We have an illegal immigration crisis. And if you have a problem with anything I just said, I would expect you to also have a problem with Bill Clinton in 1991 when he said almost the exact. same. thing.

Sexist? I guess people think he’s sexist because he has called women he disagrees with names. But the thing with Trump, he calls everybody names. If women are really so worried about being treated equally to men, shouldn’t they appreciate the fact that he is equally harsh with them verbally as he is with men? Feminists fight for being treated equal to men, until it means dealing with the same problems men face. But we’ll save my problems with feminism for another post.

I bet CNN and MSNBC didn’t tell you that Donald Trump’s companies employee more female executives than male. And that his only daughter has beaten his sons for the position of heir to the Trump business. But why would that matter? He called Rosie O’ Donnell a pig. That’s what’s really important.

My final words regarding Trump being a sexist or a misogynist are this: If you call Trump sexist and abusive to women, but supported Bill Clinton and continue to support the Clinton family after what we’ve learned even recently about his behavior with women, remind me to never get ready for a date at your house because you obviously have no mirrors to look in.

He’s a bigot, is he? Well that makes sense, considering he was the ONLY major Republican to come out against the North Carolina bathroom laws. I’m not a bigot, and I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with the law. So There is no justifiable, credible charge for him being a bigot. And I hate to bring up the Clintons yet again (but hey, they’ve only made themselves easy to target), but why wasn’t Hillary a bigot when she was against gay marriage during her husbands administration? I guess she just “learned” from experiences as she puts it. Too bad she’s not a Republican or I could accuse her of flip-flopping…darn!

Now that I’ve finished corrected the wrongful convictions he’s been given, let’s talk about what he actually is.

Trump is ruthless. There is no doubt that he is egotistical, harsh and at times childish. But can you show me one person who has run for office in the last…oh…230 years who hasn’t been to get elected? Sorry folks, but we aren’t ever going to elect a president that is a kind, generous, humble down-home average guy. There’s a reason politicians, or any leaders for that matter, make it to the positions they do. If you’ve ever had to work for anything in your life, you understand that without being ruthless, self-confident and demanding, you reach a ceiling that cannot be raised. Do I believe Trump could tone it down some? Yes, absolutely. But when has a president ever acted in office the way they did during the elections? Not Bush. Certainly not Obama. If you believe the Trump we’ve seen and heard is actually how he conducts himself, you are more gullible than my black lab. And that guy runs through the yard when I pretend to throw a ball.

It seems like a shame that we’ve had to go through all that before we can talk about the only thing we’re supposed to elect our leaders for…policy.

What does Trump want to do?

-Build a wall to protect our border and have Mexico pay for it. I like that.

-Repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that: requires transparent healthcare provider costs, get politicians out of pharmaceutical special interest and allow people to deduct health insurance premiums from taxes. I like that too.

-Simplify the tax code by making it into 4 categories instead of 7, make business tax rates more encouraging for businesses to stay in America so you can quit telling me how, “back in the day, we made things here…yada, yada,” and close loopholes to super rich. Oh, hey Bernie fans, did you hear that?! I like that too.

-Immigration reform including: make Mexico pay for the wall via legit, actual penalties (even I was skeptical at first but check his website, it’s doable), deportation of criminal illegals, defund sanctuary cities and many other things that are not racist in any way. I like these a lot.

Should all these things get done under a Trump presidency, they would help the economy by default. Not a single one of those things could even be argued to be bad for us. Unless you like Obamacare, in which case you must either be oblivious or clearly never took a math class.

In summary, I will vote for Donald Trump because the man knows business, the man knows how to compromise, the man speaks his mind and admits when it goes too far but most importantly, the man is not a socialist or a Clinton. Because those are your only options people…choose wisely.

Go vote.

Bottoms up.



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