The First Sip

I’m finally doing it. I’m finally going to start writing the same ole stuff I usually do on Facebook, except it’ll only be on Sunday nights, and with more thought and research than before.

Okay, so as many of my friends already know, I’m outspoken about my thoughts and I have many to share. At present, our presidential choices are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. Oh boy. There are so many things dividing conservatives and liberals in America, and some things have made me believe we have absolutely lost our minds. This blog is dedicated to my spewing my thoughts at you, just as I always have, but without plastering it all over your social media walls. Feel free to comment, contact me with anything, definitely feel free to follow this page and like it. Even share it with your friends, whether it’s because you believe I can be your voice, or because you want to make fun of your “stupid, uninformed, bigoted, privileged Republican friend.”

Also, I want to talk about things people are interested in. If there is a particular issue or news story you want my thoughts on (ha ha, I know, right?) just head to the contacts page and send me suggestions!

I won’t write anything tonight, I’ll just let you all bask in the excitement that you’ll be getting a fresh dose of a Bourbon Drinker’s Philosophy every Sunday this summer! Get excited. Now, I need another round.


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